Déjà Dead

Déjà Dead - Kathy Reichs

I have come to think this is one of my guilty pleasure series.

Let me break this down a bit:

I prefer Temperance from the show.

There is less romance in the books then the tv show, but you get more of a feel for most of her co-workers/friends in the tv show. (At least in the books I've read before). So, I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I know fans of the book who don't like the show, and vice versa.

The show and book are very different.

I LOVE the fact that this book series seems to be set predominantly set in Canada.

I love this gif so much. :D

So, both are good/okay in their own way. :D Just don't go into reading this as a duplicate of the show, I think you might be disappointed.