This is why we can't have nice things

I'm debating on just writing one lined teaser reviews on GR, and linking to reviews on here and my wordpress. I might make a few exceptions like when I review/snark bodice rippers, ARCS, and more mainstream works. I think Indies will automatically be one-lined reviews on the GR space and the rest elsewhere. Even with authors that I know online. (Which sucks, because I know with them it won't be an issue, but I want to be impartial when it comes to indies as a whole, so no one can call me out on that). WHY DO SOME AUTHORS HAVE TO BE SUCH ASSHATS?!


I don't like feeling that I have to watch exactly what I say when I write reviews, especially snarking BOOKS. It's one of the reasons, most likely subconsciously, that writing reviews has gone down the toilet for me. I hate writing reviews now, it feels like a chore, and I hate feeling that way. I think that explains my angry reviews sometimes, because I don't review to ruin people's lives, but if I hate something I'm not going to be all sunshine and roses about it. I hate feeling like I can't speak my mind, and blah. 


I like GR, simply because I have carved out a little niche of friendships on there, I like how the site is set up. I don't want to leave or be banned. So they have me by the ovaries, and I HATE THAT. I have enough personal bullshit to deal with, I don't need this.


I'm annoyed at certain authors whose fragile egos ruin everything. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.


I will have to change things around, and I hate doing this. I resent doing this.