A year Straight

A Year Straight: Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Lesbian Beauty Queen - Elena Azzoni

I'm gonna go with...NO. I read some reviews.

Not only does she still identify as a lesbian while with a cis-gendered man...NO! PLEASE stop giving asshole men the idea that they could be the one to "change" you as they aggressively hound you. I don't blame women for this, but this isn't helping the situation. NO MEANS NO, MEN. Doesn't matter who this person is or identifies.

She could identify as Queer or even bisexual, but she refuses to.

Attraction to women =/= lesbian, for everyone.

BISEXUALITY and other identities DO exist.

I blame media/culture's narrative that all women who have some form of attraction to women are automatically lesbian. THERE IS A SPECTRUM BETWEEN STRAIGHT AND GAY/LESBIAN.

SO, I'm skipping this one. Sorry not sorry.