Insomnia (The Night Walkers #1)

Insomnia - J.R. Johansson

At least the stalking wasn't romanticized? (At least I don't think so, but there was quite some blurred fine lines) It was straight up creepy at quite a few points.
The ending was really random tho.
It was a crazy wild ride that I am still freaked out over.
Also there is a lot of narration on rape culture, and I'm not sure if it was done consciously or unconsciously.
The male mc pov was not what I'm usually used to reading when it comes to YA and it seems to be a hit or miss. This was somewhat in the middle. Sometimes I did forget the gender of the MC but that is not necessarily a bad thing.
This book had a few hits and misses, but I did read it in nearly one sitting, so there's that.

I think my brain is fried. I don't even know.