Bared to You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #1)

Bared to You - Sylvia Day

Tw: rape and sexual abuse are strong themes in this book.

Review to come when I can put my thoughts/emotions  into words.

EDIT: Snark and gifs ahead.

Where to begin?

Let me get one positive thing out of the way, the writing itself, was decent.

I had issues with the content.

First of all, though survivors deal with their abuse in different ways, the main characters way of dealing with her abuse with sex rubbed me the wrong way. I am a survivor, and it felt the writer was using the sexual abuse as a cheap plot device.

are you srs bro?

 are you srs bro?

Now I get the fantasy aspects of this book, but it still irked me to read some glowing reviews on here, since the relationship was an unhealthy one. It was abusive.

I'm not drunk enough for this shit

I'm not drunk enough for this shit.

Gideon was an alpha, and he was a huge asshole. I couldn't stand him.

There was a lot of healing cock in this book, and normally one of my kinks in books, but the author did it so wrong in one scene. Maybe because it was unrealistic to me.

Also this is NOT a BDSM book, kthx. It was brought up as a game in passing, but this is not one. I say this as someone in the BDSM scene for several years.

judging you

judging you.