For Love of Rory

For Love of Rory (Harlequin Historical) - Barbara Leigh

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My over-all reaction to this novel:



This book is so stupid. I feel like my IQ dropped a few points. I thought it was gonna be so bad it's good, but this one was so bad it's bad. I don't expect it to be that historically accurate, but the writer interchanges Viking and ancient Celtic culture, though similar is different. Celts did not worship Odin/Wodin, nor did they use Runes. The Druids did use the Ogham Alphabet for divinatory reasons. There was also no Druids in this story. I know this was published in 1994, before the internet was popular, but come on. I hate being so nit-picky on this issue, but it kept jarring me out of the story. ((Please also correct me if I am wrong about the Celtic and Viking facts)). Viking =/= Celtic.

wait, stop, stop...

The heroine, Serine. She was so basic. She was selfish, dumb, and completely privileged and unaware of that fact. I did not care about her or her problems one bit. I means she was honestly surprised that the poor serfs didn't want to go back to England. There was also this stupid pointless dramz~~~ with Rory that made me roll my eyes.



I didn't get the appeal of Rory. I'm trying to sum up his character, and I'm drawing a blank.

he can't win

Actually, Castiel is too fierce and amazing to be compared to Rory./fangirl

Then again I couldn't understand the appeal of Serine either. I have a confession, when I read romance novels I judge the heroine on rather I would date and/or sleep with her. Serine doesn't make either cut sry2say. /too gay to function + bitch.

Intelligence = sexy.



Everyone in this book was just stupid, and waay too forgiving. I was like um....No. Also Serine's son was barely in the novel, and was only pretty much mentioned. He was part of a pivotal plot point and he was barely in the novel. Eeegads.


Etheyl was the best part of the novel. She was a badass, at least in the novel. She doesn't make my top fave characters in the world list.