Strings (Hard Rock Harlots, #1)

Strings - Kendall Grey

The Cover: I also own the same pair of stockings. The placement of the guitar is such a Freudian image. I'm just amused.


Edit: As a goodread's mother fucker who loves amazon, this author wank is so amusing. It is making me cackle. Future published writers this is not how you do it. Take note. Also I love good smut. Especially lesbian smut. Though that doesn't stop me from reading het or slash.


EDIT: All this wank over a terrible book. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I've read good smut and this is not it. I'm only 16% in but already I can tell. This book reads like a teenage boy wrote it.


Edit: review to come.



Edit: Yes, now to get started. Sorry, this isn't that snarky. I hope I'm not losing my snark!juice. austinpowerslostmojo.gif here.


First of all, the smut was badly written but it was creative. I mean pegging is a rare find in most het erotica (and it's actually a reading kink of mine. I like to read/watch it.), and it was the first sex scene in the book. She started things off with a bang, so to say.


There was a thinly-veiled plot-line to do with band drama and such. It was mostly about sex, which in itself, not a bad thing, but I wouldn't call this book fine literature.


I can't remember why I bookshelved this with possible gay subtext, but it must have been there. I mean there's got to be some tension when you travel together, or maybe I read too much band!fanfiction. *shrugs*