Seduced by Moonlight - Laurell K. Hamilton I do find the actual plot interesting, when there is no sex, and it has to do with the Fae's politics.The porn is both boring and squicky (for some at least. I mean Merry makes out with her Aunt Anadais, but LKH states over and over that the Faes sexual taboos are different than humans'. There are also lots of different humanoid creature sex).There was also some gay-for-play f/f, but there was too much male gaze before and after for my liking. YKINMK and I'm okay with it, but I like my femmeslash without male gaze, or as little as possible. Since Merry and the other woman are straight this will not go on the glbt bookshelf.All Merry's harem are pretty similar and have all the same penis size (huge). It's amusing to me.It's not that I have a problem with sex and/or porn in general, I just don't like copy and paste porn. It gets boring. Porn should never get boring.Merry keeps developing more powers for herself, her harem, and a few special people. I keep wondering when Merry will level up and evolve. /Pokemon referenceAlso the development of these powers are connected to sex and/or rough kinky acts.Queen Anadais continues to be badass, evil, twisted, and a BAMF. I think I am developing a fictional character crush. I need to find fanfic. Lol