A Caress of Twilight - Laurell K. Hamilton Overall Thoughts: It was okay. Just okay. I also can't take this series seriously.The sex scenes are really boring to me. It's like she just copy and pastes early ones with slight changes. There was a fertility ritual for a faerie/goddess, which was actually kind of neat. Also Meredith has sex with Kitto [who is a goblin], and the sex0rs awakens Kitto's latent Sidhe powers (because Kitto is also part Sidhe fae). Meredith is such a sue. First of all she is related to the Seelie and Unseelie courts, part human, part Brownie [which is a mythological creature, not a delicious dessert fyi], and a descended from five different fertility deities. This is only so far in the series. Let's see what else Meredith is part of as this progresses. I know there will be more reveals of Meredith's SUPA POWAS to come. I find Meredith boring, so far unoffensive, but boring.Queen Anadais wasn't in this one as much as the first book. She is such an awesome badass. :(The book was a lot longer than it could be at times, it felt like the plot was dragging.