The Laughing Corpse  - Laurell K. Hamilton The plot was pretty good. I do have one nitpick, Dominica would not have practiced Voudon [Voodoo], because she is not of Haitian descent. She would have practiced Santeria. I have only a slight knowledge of Voudon, and I don't know that much about Santeria, so I'm going to google-fu it to see if the plot would have changed. It was obvious to me that this plot point was just to show how morally superior Anita is, and by proxy, Christianity. It reeks of arrogance and it wasn't even subtle. If this was a different series I would hope that the future books would have serious character development, but Anita isn't Scarlett from Gone with the Wind sry2say.[Disclaimer: I have no issues with Christianity as a whole, but I do dislike when characters or people irl think Christianity is morally superior to other religions. Then again I am an ex-Christian and sometimes I feel bitter, but I try not to let that cloud my judgement.]There was also a funeral scene where Anita was a judgemental wanker to a grieving widow. She was extremely rude to the grieving family and dgaf if it was wrong and disrespectful. I know for a fact if it was Anita who was grieving and someone did what she did to her, there would have been hell to pay. If I was a character in the book I would have smacked some sense into her. I was that mad while reading that. I c u morally superior right thar. Smfh.There was also a scene during a crime scene investigation where Anita and a cop played catch with a victim's entrails. Yes, you read that correctly. There was no repercussions or consequences. The lead detective found it amusing. Show some respect to the dead for fucks sake. Ethics and protocols how do they fucking work again?Somebody smack some sense into me, I can see the appeal of Jean Claude. HahahaI wish Edward was in this book, he is awesome and my fave character so far.