Double Standards

Double Standards - Judith McNaught

EDIT: I really need to stop putting off reviews.

This book was filled with really inappropriate office relationships.

Banging the boss is normally a bad idea.

Having a fake flirtation with your other boss to make the other one jealous is normally not something you should do.

Nick (teh boss) is such a douche, and an asshole. He made me all ragey while reading this. Such an entitled brat. UGH. I prefer assholes in Bodice Rippers but not in regular romance. He also has some mother issues, which the heroine magically fixes. If only that could happen irl, amirite?

80's references and clothing made me smile, though I don't remember the 80' because I was born in '89 (I'm showing my age, aren't I? lol)

The heroine was at least feisty and didn't put up with shit, but my god, she eventually got with him. For realsies. HATE.

Over-all an entertaining read, but some parts made me feel like punching something.

Karla, this one is being sent to you. :D