Torment (Fallen, #2)

Udręka - Lauren Kate

Edit: Snark and gifs. You know the drill. I'm also pretty tired, so I might sound super cranky.

First of all, Daniel is a super creepy boyfriend. He's controlling as fuck. "Your dance card is full."

shut up
Shut up.

She's 17 years old, she doesn't even know herself yet, how can she be sure that a controlling angel is her twue luv? She's not sure at all. Which I somewhat give props to the author for that, but we all know she ends up with him in the end, unless the author truly shocks me (I doubt it). The controlling angel bf trope needs to die.

can you feel my angry glare?
Can you feel my angry glare?

There is also the symbolism of her dying when she kisses Daniel when she's 17, that I think stands for sex being harmful to women, but not the menz. Really healthy message to send out.


are you srs right now?
Are you srs right now?

Also the teenage wangst got old really fast. I've read good angsty novels, but this was not it.