The Healing Place

The Healing Place - Leigh Bale

Disclaimer: Snark and gifs ahead. Also, yes, I am not Christian, and I don't hate Christians, I just don't like condescension. Or preachiness. So why did I read this book? Because I fucking can.


My future in-laws know I love to book snark, so my future cousin-in-law gave me this book and another one to snark.


Where to begin?


First of all, the child pov is done so badly. What kid thinks like that? As a child of divorced parents, and I was hella young when they did, the last thing I wanted to or cared about was hooking my parents up with other people. I was more concerned about playing with legos with my little bro. I realize each kid deals with divorce differently, but come on. I wish this trope would go away.


My Queen.


Things I didn't know before this book: All bad mothers are non-christian. Bad ex-husbands are the ones who don't subscribe to traditional religions/spirituality.


Can I get an amen?


Your realness as a woman depends on your reproductive organs, and God's ability to heal a child depends on the doctor's faith.


Go fuck yourself.


It was also stated by the doctor that the child's cure was NOT by medical science but in faith. What the ever-loving fuck?!


Fuck you.


The worst thing about this book was that it was so fucking condescending and preachy. I hate that. It's one of my few pet-peeves.


This man get's me.