Goddess of Spring - P.C. Cast Disclaimer: Snark and gifs. :DRating: 2.5 First of all, every time she mentioned batman, all I could think of was this:This is fierce&fabulous. No snark, I actually love this picture.Second of all, find another word for sexy. Kthxbai.Third of all, note to all: if you find a ritual in a random cookbook please do research before doing it. For the love of all the gods. When they whisk you away to another realm please do not be a brat. Show some respect. Thank you. - A practising pagan.Me. After reading those sections.Fourth of all, Hades was so out of character I didn't recognize him. To sum up the love story:Hades.Lina.Me.Honestly, the writing itself was okay. Much better than the house of night. Just needs better characters in both. :DHere is an elephant to make me feel better after reading this.