The Princess - Jude Deveraux Disclaimer: Reactiong!gif herein. :P

Over-all Thoughts: image
ur fail amuses me.

The plot was redunkculous. It was pointless and stupid.

JT, who I call "Daddy", was a temperamental, manchild douche. I've met two year olds who threw less temper tantrums than him.

Aria, I both disliked her and felt for her at times when JT was at his worse. I still can't believe she loves him after all the verbal abuse he put her through.

I actually didn't want them to get together in the end.

I actually threw my book across the room at one point.

Thank god it's over, and I can get rid of it. Anyone want it? Any takers? XD

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Pass me the booze palate cleanser, kthxbai.