Give Me Tonight - Lisa Kleypas Disclaimer: One of my guilty pleasures are "Harlequin" novels. It's one form of literary junk food for me, especially with red wine [or any alcohol really] or copious amounts of hot tea. It relaxes me. I also use the word Harlequin to describe romance novels that are not necessarily published by the Harlequin company. I've been reading romance novels since I was 12, and at the time, it was the hottest forbidden thing ever, until I found hardcore erotica/fanfiction. LOL I have learned to read romance novels and not think about it too critically with my feminist analyzing, because it is just an indulgent fantasy for me, but at the same time I can't completely still that part of my brain and I think that is pretty healthy. I will try not to go on feminist rants, since this is in no shape or form YA. I might eventually go through romance novels and review with a feminist view, but that might take the fun out of it for me.

Things I liked: It was your stereotypical romance novel. Fiery, sexy, feisty heroine, but not too feisty. The sex scenes were purple prose, trying to avoid mentioning by name or even slang words for any of the genitalia/sex acts. It amused me greatly. I am probably going to be posting some excerpts to weepingcock because it was lolzy at times. The main love interest was hot and a bit of a cocky asshole. Those are my guilty pleasures in romance novels. The allure of the bad boy and all that. There was also a murder plot and a murder. It also takes place in Texas in the mid-1800's or so on a ranch. Also a wedding at the end of the book.

Things I Disliked: The time-travel was never fully explained or I didn't catch it. It was the only thing that really threw me off the plot. I love time travel in novels, but there has to be at least some explanation to it, or I start to over-analyze it. Over-analyzing and red wine do not mix. LOL

Main Romance Novel Sex-Tropes used: No-no-no-yes with the main love interest; there was some forced make-out scenes by the main character and the man who plotted to kill her father- also some attempted rape thrown in. I feel like I should warn for that. Also virgins having amazing, non-awkward first time sex with no pain/discomfort [I do realize that not every woman's first sexual experiences have pain or discomfort or really awkward, but I feel like it's rarely written about in romances/erotica, but then again it is a fantasy world].

I probably shouldn't be writing reviews after drinking a lot of beer, but everything looks legible. Happy fourth by the way.