Tempted - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast This book, like all the other books, just sucks (no pun intended).

Aphrodite and Stevie Ray are the only characters that I like.

Zoey is such a sue. I don't know why she is freaking out for, she is the mary sue in the series, no matter what she will come out on top. LOL

I just don't care what happens to most of the people in this book.

I did find the Rephiem/Stevie Ray connection interesting.

I am still shipping Aphrodite/Zoey like crazy. They have more sexual tension towards each other then with the men in this novel. I do like me some Aphrodite/Stevie Ray as well. I need to find some well-written fanfic.

I hate this series. I have two books left to read, I can do it.