Untamed - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast This book was a little better then the rest of the series so far (and not as rage-inducing).

The slut-shaming wasn't as rampant as previous books, but it was still there at times. Ugh.

Aphrodite is the most developed character in the book and you actually feel for her. Stevie Rae is another character I am not minding, as of now.

I also liked Zoey's grandmother because she reminds me a little of my own. Feisty old ladies are bad ass.

I am getting tired of the Twins. It's becoming really hokey and annoying. Blah.

I usually don't have issues with straight (cis-gendered) people writing about gay/trans people, but these women should not write gay characters. I am still annoyed with how Damien is the ideal gay man because he is neither femme or butch/bear. What straight people sometimes fail to realize is that femmes and butches/bears are not just stereotypes, they are how some people identify and are proud of it. Many gay people as well fall somewhere between the two. To idealize a facet of the gay culture just seems to be really "straight-splaining"- you as a straight, cis-gendered person do not really have a say in what is "ideal" in the gay culture, imho. There are a few situations in this book involving the gay characters that really just annoy me, like Zoey outing the gay couple to test to see how liberal the new character was. I was like, are you fucking srs? Ugh. /getting off soapbox

I also hate how they write Zoey's love life. Even though the books are long, each book takes place in a couple days to a week at most in that universe, and it seems like in each book you are adding a new love interest. Zoey is the new Anita Blake. lol

My otp is still Aphrodite/Zoey, but I want that in fanfic and not in canon, kthx.

I loved the mythological aspects of this book, though.

I wonder how much more cracktastic the rest of the series will be. I can't even take it seriously anymore.