Chosen - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast Blatant sexism/slut-shaming and internalized misogyny? Check.
Stereotypical paper cut-out characters? Check.
Mary Sue main character? Check
A love square? Check.
Statutory rape and inappropriate relations with a teacher, that was idealized until the twist ending? Check (it was creepy, and not in a good way).
Faux-feminism? Check.
Vampire-Zombies? Check (this was awesome btw).
Some [possibly sexual] tension between Zoey and Aphrodite? Check (I might make this my OTP, if I dare go looking for some fanfic).

I really enjoyed Aphrodite (shocker!) and Stevie Rae as a vampire zombie. I was a little disappointed that she was "saved" in the end. Those two are my fave characters so far in this mess. This series might be worse then Twilight. I haven't decided yet. I loved the use of mythology here. I'm a Pagan, so I'm a sucker for that. I also love boarding school books.

I would only recommend this if you love bad!fiction and are a masochist for bad fiction. It might be your guilty pleasure read as well. It's not my cup of tea but I am a masochist when it comes to bad!fiction.