Real (Real #1)

Real  - Katy Evans

Review to come.

Edit: Disclaimer: snark and gifs and most likely bad language. It's about to get really real in here. Pun intended.

Remington (Remy) is such a bad name, I can't get over it. lol

Laughing internally right now

Also that playlist at the beginning of the book made me lol so hard, because it screamed of bad fanfic technique. hahahahaha


Oh my god, the way she wrote Bipolar as an illness pissed me off. It was badly researched, and badly executed. Medication is vital for those with Bipolar. If meds are making you feel bad you either have your Psychiatrist adjust them, or take you off that med and onto a new one. It takes months to find the perfect dose and combination of meds, sometimes years, and things need to be adjusted from time to time. Meds and therapy have saved my lfe, and it hurts to see it rejected just for manic and depression drama. It's not sexy good times, I promise you. I feel kind of objectified, because one of my mental illnesses was badly objectified. Bipolar is not a fetish. We are not your sex toys for more mentally-sound people. Kthx.

I'm like sterotypical kitty in a bath right now.

Seriously how is that guy not 5150'ed. For realz, he is obviously dangerous to himself and others, and the fact that one of his trainers does not do anything reeks of bad ethics, and would in real life get him stripped of his license if caught and prosecuted if someone get's hurt and killed. Psychiatric nurses, doctors, and most professionals have to 5150 you for those reasons, because it's the law.

No. Just no.

Maybe that psychiatric nurse has already been stripped of his license? It never says. Another thing, how is he getting the Haldol (I assume the tranqiilizer is Haldol)? Is there a black market for these things? Probably. So many issues that are never resolved or mentioned.

Shaking my head right now.

There are a lot more ragey bits, but other people have covered those in their reviews, I just wanted to mainly cover the issues concearning Bipolar.