Mommy's Hometown Hero (The Dalton Brothers, Book 2) (Love Inspired #477)

Mommy's Hometown Hero - Merrillee Whren

Disclaimer: Snark and gifs. Most likely cursing as well.

This book was given to my very soon cousin-in-law. The fact that she wouldn't even read it, says so much. lol


Love Inspired(TM)has inspired me to make a new shelf called conversion!porn, because that's what it is. Fantasies for evangelical Christian women to squee over. It makes me feel bitter as an ex-Christian.

Raaaage. Bitter raaaage. *also remove the fucking slut from this mentally, not needed for this review*

Why Rabbit does this make you bitter? You may be asking. In general Christians don't bother me, hell, I have Christian friends/family. It's all good. The problem stems from when they use manipulation to get you to convert. Similar manipulation displayed in this book. Including guilt. It shows a lack of respect.

This is my bitter!face

The way PTSD was written in this book was about the past. In my research and experience, PTSD never completely goes away, it's effects may lesson, but they can easily come back, especially when triggered. The effects of PTSD was glossed over and barely mentioned in this book. The only time where I even see it mentioned are in the Acknowledgements section.


The whole she must love God to be in a relationship with me schtick...Fine, let her go. Please, do not manipulate her. You are selfish. And inter-faith relationships CAN and DO work, fyi.


I hated everyone in this book.

Here's a cute kitty to make everything better. ^.^