Under Gypsy Skies

Under Gypsy Skies - Kathryn Kramer

Disclaimer: snark and gifs.

One of the first memorable quotes is that the heroine has a waist that the hero can hold completely in his hands. Either she tight-laces with a corset or he has BIG hands. Like ginormous big. The fact that she was raised Gypsy makes me highly doubt she wears a corset. Regardless, holy unrealistic body fantasies by us readers/writers, batman.

I wanna be a size -4 you guise. lol just kidding. Is there even a size -4?

Oh yes, the gypsy thing. Alicia was raised from very young as Gypsy though she is actually Spanish. The hero doesn't find out until he respects her gypsy-heritage. I guess it was to prove that it was twu luv. Even though it was vital to the plot that she is actually Spanish. I wish she actually Gypsy.

just a thought...

There is a Happy Ending for those of you who love that stuff.

Awe fluffy lion hugs ^_^

Why did I rate this book 3 stars? It was amusing, tad bit trashy, and purply prose love scenes. It was also mildly politically incorrect with the whole gypsy thing. If that fits your ideas for a good time well wasted then I recommend it.

When you have one of those days, you should read this. XD