Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1)

Fearscape - Nenia Campbell

Disclaimer: I am GR and Booklikes friends with the author, but that fact does not effect my rating and review.

I have to commend Nenia for the idea behind this series. Your average teenage girl fed on how culture/pop culture a la Twilight and it's ilk might have this possible effect. It's a disturbing thought.

Gavin was creepy, and I'm glad it was not romanticized imho. He legit reminded me of a few  of my exes. *shivers*

Why was this rating lower at 3 than the others? Val seemed really bland to me at first, but as the book went on, she started "growing" more "real" to me as a character. That might have been Nenia's intention, but it was odd for me. Maybe because I read the other two books first.