Dancing In The Moonlight (Cowboys of Cold Creek, #2)

Dancing In The Moonlight - RaeAnne Thayne

Disclaimer: Snark + gifs + bad language.

I don't think contemporary romances are for me.

I was annoyed by the hero. He was patronizing. To the point where I was like fuck off, seriously, dude. He was also the "nice guy" schtick. You know the nice guy who feels entitled because he's "nice". Yeahhh, not cool.

This is how I feel.


I think that there should be more "realistic" people romances, especially a handicapped person. Hey, that's cool. I'm down for that. What I'm not here for is the feeling that these two would have never gotten together at all, even in a as-friends way, is if she wasn't injured to that severity.

I mean you don't just go from hating someone to loving them in like no time, unless she has some form of personality disorder (I'm thinking Borderline, but I could be wrong.), realistically. I think even being friends in real life is a stretch, it would take years for an actual healthy and functional relationship to develop.

I try so hard not to read contemporary romances from a feminist and psychological view, but it's hard not to. I mean yes, heterosexual women date men, but they feel less empowered and more like slaves to their desire or most likely a man's desire (your kink is not my kink and I'm cool with that), which feels odd to me. I mean if they are going to submit to someone, I guess don't make it feel like they are being so emotionally manipulated. It starts to feel kinda creepy, like restraining order time. I mean I like a little spitfire in a heroine, but so far in what I read in contemporaries something seems to be missing in them.

This is kinda how I see sex in contemporaries. It disturbs me a little.

I'm over-thinking this.