Demonic Dora: The Demon Diaries

Demonic Dora - Claire Chilton

Disclaimer: Snark and gifs. Bad language as well.

This book was asinine. This book is the reason why teenagers should not dabble in demonology and black magic, because idiots like this girl do absolutely no research. It also is used in teenage rebellion. Ugh. Why can't she just skip school, break curfew, and other things like most teenagers. Yes, I became pagan at 16, but I also did (and still do) tons of research before I did or do anything involving magick.

Emilie Autumn is aggravated with this shit as well.

The love story was stupid.

I have a feeling I wasn't the intended audience for this novel, but still stop with the pointless teenage angst.

Vodka, I choose you!