This is pretty much a variation on other book memes, but I figured I’d post it so you all can join in as well. Have fun! And be sure to tag your posts as #18daysofbooks


eighteen days of book photography

  • day one: your favorite novel(s)
  • day two: a book that got you into reading
  • day three: two books that haunt you
  • day four: one book that taught you something important
  • day five: four book series you love
  • day six: six classics you’ve grown to love
  • day seven: collection of books by your favorite author
  • day eight: a book you are currently reading
  • day nine: some books that feel like home to you
  • day ten: your bookshelf in all its glory
  • day eleven: your most recently purchased books
  • day twelve: a book you have mixed feelings on
  • day thirteen: prettiest cover art on a novel you own
  • day fourteen: prettiest cover art on a novel you wish to own
  • day fifteen: three books that have made you cry
  • day sixteen: one book that is a “guilty pleasure” of yours
  • day seventeen: one book that you haven’t included but want to, just because
  • day eighteen: one children’s novel you’ll always love