Gates of Paradise (Casteel, #4)

Gates of Paradise - V.C. Andrews, Andrew Neiderman

Where do I start with this trashy novel?

Tony is creepy mcCreepy pants. We have incest and rape, and attempted rape. Love between cousins who turn out not to be related at all (still creepy). We have "ghosts" and Tony has "dementia" issues. We also have fetishizing of handicapped people (Annie is an invalid for most of the book, and Tony keeps her bed-bound to keep her that way, so he can be all creepy and pervy, apparently because she can't run and is drugged up she really can't say no /pedobear approved and super fucking creepy). He also turns out to be her grandfather and uncle, since her REAL daddy is Tony's younger brother.

I think I have been properly scandalized and creeped out with the ick, and simultaneously amused with dark humor.