Serotonin Revolution: The Low-Carb Diet that Won't Make You Crazy

Serotonin Revolution: The Science-Based Diet for Long-lasting Weight Loss - Lowri Turner

I found the narration really hackneyed. Also not very body positive. She assumes that her "fat" experience is like everyone else's (she's been both fat and skinny). Apparently in her experience men only like skinny women, which is bullshit. She kept mentioning her personal history and I was like I don't care. Also, apparently if your serotonin levels are low and you are chronically depressed you should not take an antidepressant. While I believe that every mentally ill person get's to choose whether or not they take psych meds, it's highly irresponsible to suggest that they don't in exchange for your diet. It makes me mad.

Why three stars? The science was good. I will also take some of this "diet" into my eating habits (while staying on my meds, thank you very much).