The Second Revolution

The Second Revolution - Gary   Hansen

Disclaimer: Snark and gifs. This book starts off okay. A newly divorced man in a new city gets robbed, and feels vulnerable and get's a gun legally and responsibly. Okay, he has no mental illness, seems pretty legit, you know this sounds pretty okay to me.

Then the book starts to go down hill. Seriously.

We have virgin fetishizing. You know a republican dream girl: hot, loves guns, religious Christian, waiting for marriage, a pastor's daughter, conservative, and smart. Right, I can hear the furious fapping from over here. She really didn't have much of a personality and was just in the book as the "hero's" love interest. She also said that she was willing to forgive him for not being a virgin as well because he was married before her. *gags* Why thank you, your highness. *rolls eyes*

We also have strict gun laws, a conspiracy, and a revolution that the terrorists freedom fighters take over the white house with an artillery of illegal weapons.

Seriously, this book does not help those who are pro-guns. For real. It makes you all seem as radicals that will kill people to keep your guns. *drops mic*