Comanche Flame

Comanche Flame (Leisure Historical Romance) - Madeline Baker

Disclaimer: Snark and gifs.

This was loads better than Caress and Conquer, that is why it gets a three stars.

I noticed a pattern in romance novels, especially bodice rippers, the hero/heroine are always mixed. They are never pure black, persian, etc. The only exception is caucasian. Or they are raised in a minority race, but are actually genetically the oppressor ethnicity. Which is really interesting, and I will have to look further into this the more I read in this genre.

Why is it that aboriginals are viewed as almost savages, when really it's an intricate and complex culture? This book was not that bad as others.

The hero is an alpha womanizer, with an exception of Jesse and Storm Weather.

Jesse is not that dumb, and does have some character growth, but she does come off as helpless at first.