The Ruins

The Ruins - Scott B. Smith

SPOILERS: This review has MAJOR SPOILERS. If you want to read this book spoiler free, don't read this review.

Trigger Warning: This novel does contain bodily functions, that shows their symptoms of dehydration, binge drinking, and starvation. Also there is some major cutting.


This book gave me so many feels. It was well written, and given the subject matter was not cheesy. I was scared and horrified while reading this.

The characters feel like real people, yes, they were flawed, but none of them deserved the way they died. It was like reading about a slaughter house. They were immature and insecure, at time, but mose of them were like 22, so it makes sense. It was odd to, in my own way, relate to them. All the characters were starkly different from each other, but they all had at least one quality that I also have (i.e the control freak leader, well, I am a control freak when a situation involves me and if no one takes control of a situation I am involved with, I crown myself the leader).


They were all slowly "eaten" by intelligent, carnivorous plants. Yes, I realize, how cheesy that sounds when I type it out, but it really was creepy and terrifying.

Also the people who live near the hill that they get stuck on, tried to warn them off, but once they stepped onto the hill into the vines, they had to make sure they stayed on the hill. It was really ominous reading this.