Twilight (Twilight, #1)

Twilight  - Stephenie Meyer

Disclaimer: Snark and gifs. You've been warned.

Thank you Sarah for the picture. :D

I don't even know where to begin.

Bella was so bland and generic, so I can see why some people enjoy this book, because they can self-insert themselves as Bella. Not judging, but I call it how I see it.

How I feel about the characters Bella and Edward:

Am I going to hell if I said I wish Bella would have been hit by the car? TOO SOON?

Also, if I have to hear one more time how fragile~ and breakable~ she is, I'm gonna scream bloody murder.

Edward is a creepy stalker with anger issues. Extremely possessive, and not in the hot kinky way, but in the creepy way. I really don't see the appeal here.

Bella is also as dumb as a brick, and complains ALL THE DAMN TIME. Sew attractive. *rolls eyes*

In this book, I am Team Jacob, all the way. This will change in later reviews.

This is my second time reading this, and I plan on reading and snarking this series.

Why the 1.5 rating? I struggled between 1 and 2 stars. 2 stars because I've actually read worse than this, but 1 star because it started the mainstream trope of creepy, stalker, possessive boyfriend in young adult novels. So 1.5 stars was my final verdict and a compromise.

This book seriously sets feminism back 50 years, and I can't believe how popular this book got, because REALLY?!

Also the goddamn sparkling. Seriously the stupidest vampire quality I have ever read, and I enjoyed Anne Rice's vampires and their eroticism. *no shame*

Alright, I leave you guys with a parting gift: