Sinner (The Wayfarer Redemption #4)

Sinner (Wayfarer Redemption #4) - Sara Douglass

Disclaimer: Gifs.

I really liked this.

Yes, it will make you hate (or seriously dislike) Axis, Azhure, and Caelum.

While some people would think these next three books weren't necessary, but they were IMHO. There were a lot of foreshadowing in the first three books, that have led to events in the last three books in the series.

I love how Faraday returns to kick even more ass, and has turned into a BAMF Queen.

I love how Drago has depth to his character, and I am, by the end of this book rooting for him to be the hero.

Zenith is a new, awesome, and interesting character.

Stardrifter has really grown as a character.

There were some problematic things in the book, but were eventually resolved and dealt with in a positive way.