Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)

Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins

I will review this later when I am no longer drowning in feelings~~~.


Just so you know, there is so much spoilers in this review. Like Snape killed Dumbledore kind of spoilers.

This was my favorite book of the whole series, but it was also the most depressing.

I really felt like Katniss was always just a pawn for other people's gain, which bothered me a lot in this book. Katniss was flawed, but ultimately believable as a character. I know a lot of people looked up to Katniss and I think that's cool. We all need some hero to look up to (mine was Hermione when I was in middle/high school).

I know some people irl who hated this series after the first book because of the teenage angst~~~~, but this book made sense for me on the angst front. I mean, look at how much she was manipulated involving Peeta and Gale. It would cause angst for anyone regardless of age and gender. IMHO I think this book gets an unfair view of teenage girl angst trope (whatever it actually is called). I have noticed that male angst (usually about the same thing) often does not get enough flak in the media. I mean, I am guilty of doing this, but it's something I am now keeping an eye on. The double standard sucks.

There was quite some shocking revelations:

Peeta attempting to strangle Katniss after being tortured and brainwashed.

Prim dying, because I have a younger brother, it really hit me hard. I would die for my brother.

The whole new hunger game suggestion. LIKE WTF. Isn't that one of the whole deciding factors for the whole war.

Katniss not executing President Snow, but killing the rebel leader. SCANDAL.

Oh, yes, Katniss picked Peeta in the end. I am not honestly shocked, because her and Gale are waaay too much alike imho.