Skin - Kathe Koja

Original review from 2011:

I read this last year, but I want to re-read this before I give my official opinion on it. It was an odd book that I enjoyed.

I think the difference between last year and this year is that I "get" this novel better than last year. Definitely a good read in my opinion. Definitely not a book that all will enjoy.

ETA: 1/15/15

I bumped up this review from 4 stars to 5.

I love this book. It's both dark, gothy(?), and just the right amount of gore. This is a forever keeper.

Trigger warning for cutting, and various forms of body modification.

Tess and Bibi are my OTP. They are both queer without labels. They both had sex with men in this book, as well. So, if that is a squick, might want to avoid.

I'm just gonna insist for this review, that those legs belong to two women. :D