Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week

Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week - Ellen Dugan

Lazy review time. I'm just posting my statuses of these books, because yeah.


Yeah, this author is not for me. I read the rest of the ebooks I have of hers, and sad to say it never improves. That is why I took forever to review this, and I didn't mention the other books, because meh and blah.


"Not with the weightloss/fitness preachiness and stories now. For fuck sakes. You don't need to ramble on before each spell/ritual. I might even prefer if she doesn't."


 "Honestly, you can use witchcraft for anything you want, it's just the way she does it is with a heaping of condescension.


Instead of it being like here is an option to help with motivation if you want to lose weight or start a fitness regime. She almost makes it sound like it should be connected to your magic, when it's really not, at least not as important as she makes it out to be. She assumes that if you were over-weight like her, you must have been miserable as she was. Which isn't true.


She talks down to her readers, and it's pretty insulting. I got all these books for free, and they are pretty quick reads for me, so I'm just going to read them all, because why not? The first book I read of hers, was mild compared to the others so far.


She contradicts herself saying we should do want we want and experiment, but almost only if we follow her rules/guidelines. *Rolls eyes*


Her books feel more like personal story-hour than necessary how-tos. I feel like I'm mining for any good material. There is some good/decent stuff but it comes with searching through all the crap. It's sad that this is the edited version, because this is a major new age publisher."


"Better than the last book of her's I've read, but still really preachy/condescending. I do like the idea behind this book though."


"Also ALL magic is manipulation, even positive/light/white/whatever you wanna call it magic is manipulative, because it manipulates the situation. This is getting annoying. "


"I was hoping we could go a whole book without bashing people who hex/curse. Seriously, people have various reasons to do that, and they can be valid. We are not jealous cowards automatically."


"So she condemns dabblers, but she dabbles herself? Lol"


You can also read my other review on her Protection magick book.


She is so unbelievably arrogant, and judgmental. Also insults her fans/readers a lot. I just can't. People talk a lot about Ravenwolf (who deserves it), but this writer seems to get passes. Nah. Not from this witch.


I'm 300% done with this writer. BYE.