Night Film

Night Film - Marisha Pessl

Pre-Reading (5/5/15): My stepdad got me this book for my birthday last month. He told me when he was reading it, he thought I would love it. This is a reminder, to myself, to tell him that I started it today.

Read Pre-Review (8/31/15): Review to come once my thoughts stop going WTF did I just read? I would give it 5+ stars if I could. One of the best books I've read so far this year. My step-dad DOES know me well hahahahaha

This is me right now, tbh.

The Actual Review (8/31/15):

I don't even know how to review this book articulately, right now. All I can think about is the movie version of this book (if they make it, please let it be an art-house horror movie).

I will say that I was really blown away by her writing on this one; so far her writing seems to be getting better and better with each book. I eagerly await her next book.

If you want a more analytical review, read Jess's, Edwards', and Nenia's reviews because they articulate so much better than me right now. I hope they don't mind me linking their reviews here, let me know if you want me to remove it. :)

I'm just going to do a shallow movie casting, because that was one thing going through my mind while reading this book is who would be directing/acting in the movie version. I never do fancasting so this will be fun. I am not a film expert at all, so I could be making a disastrous casting. I'm curious to see others fancasting as well. Comment me yours, if you want. :D

Note: As far as I'm aware of, they are not currently making a movie adaptation. Also my choices will not be 100% accurate to the book.

Director: Kubrick. But he is dead so... Burton or Alfonso Cuarón.

Ashley Cordova: Jennifer Lawrence (if you want more mainstream) or Katharine Isabelle (if you want a more indie feel to it)

Scott McGrath: Ben Affleck. (Honestly, this character was really hard for me to cast). Honestly, I'm open to better suggestions.

Nora: Jane Levy

Stanislas Cordova: Donald Sutherland

Hopper: Freddy Rodriguez

Cleo: (Honestly one of my fave characters, her few scenes were really awesome. I don't remember if there was an ethnicity for the character but my mind sees her as an African American).

Ungela Brockman

The Spider/The Priest: Tim Curry (I know he doesn't act anymore, but let me dream, because he would be perfect for this role).

There are other characters but I couldn't think of anyone in particular to play them.