Bygones - LaVyrle Spencer

Bought this book because Bess and Michael have my irl last name. :P

Read (9/7/15):

2 stars, because there was some really lolzy parts-- the retro, dated 80's references.

The pot smoking scene. Not the H/h, mind you, but their druggy son. LOLZ for dayz.

I did not like this book because of the fact they predominately blamed the heroine for the hero's cheating. The only person to blame for cheating is the cheater. No one "made" you cheat.

I don't mind the cheating plot-line, as long as people don't blame the person who got cheated on for the cheating, especially in modern day times. Also if you are gonna redeem the cheater at least make it believable.

Also the daughter who wants her parents to re-marry, what are you 5? (she's 21+ in this book). Your parents divorced for a reason, and it doesn't mean that they should get back together, lets be real.

Don't mind me, I'm a jaded child of divorced parents and for a time, a single mother. I'm tired of the worn out stereotypes of divorce and single motherhood. And the kids after a divorce-- don't get me started, especially when they are adults.