Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer

This book made me start the fake hashtag #FreeBella2K15 because this book brought out the douchebags and fuckboys.

I used to be Bella/Jacob 4 life, but re-reading this book, really changed that for me, even for the early books. Why? Because Jacob is a fuckboy. It wasn't in the first book, but by the second book the seeds are sewn. Then we have the third book were he has bloomed into a fuckboy flower. He was so entitled and full on forcibly kissed her to the point were she broke her own hand in the process of fighting him off. Later it led to manipulative kisses in some weird bet between him and Edward.

Some people will probably be wondering why I am all for freeing Bella. I may not like the character, because she is a badly written paperboard cut-out that is used for the reader to self-insert themselves into the story. So while I dislike the character for that reason, I still feel pity for her. Even self-insert blank female characters don't deserve this shit. So yes, #FreeBella2K15.

Edward continues to be a winner by being an abusive asshat. Nothing new here.

Charlie continues to be a shitty parent, who occasionally parents but in the worst ways ever. He earns my wrath for laughing and congratulating Jacob on forcibly kissing Bella and the resulted broken hand. Remember Charlie has no idea that Jacob is a werewolf. I mean this is not how a parent should re-act to this situation especially the sheriff.

There are other things like shitty writing and slow, meandering, bloated plot-line that could lose a few hundred pages and retain all necessary information. Sloppy writing. Sloppy editing.