Hearts Enslaved

Hearts Enslaved (Lovegram historical romances) - Judith Hill

Review to come.

EDIT: I know this review is really late. I'm trying to remember the story enough to snark it. The fact that I can't, says how boring this book is. PLEASE take my copious gifs of Naya as a peace offering. LOL

The cover cracks me up, look at that man's arms and chest. It's so massive. It cracks me up.

The chick on the cover is pretty sexy. Rawr.

Oh, Naya....

To sum up the book: There was rape, capturing Roman soldiers and make them their slaves, political intrigue (which was actually boring), and the roman slave (male) to a female mistress (not as kinky as one would think/hope). I can't even remember the sexy times.

Preach it, Naya!

I promise not to take this long to review romances again.