L.A. Candy - Lauren Conrad Disclaimer: Snark and gifs.Yes, I read this book to see how really bad it was. Let's do a character breakdown:Jane: She's the girl-next-door type. Who ends up being a star of a reality tv show. I also have more game than her. Which is sad since I'm a nerd.She's also blonde. Scarlett: Yes, Scarlett. Bitch wishes she was Scarlett O'Hara. Actually the most likeable character. She is stunningly beautiful and sarcastic and smart, and I'm so shocked that you can be all three at once. :O She is also Jane's BFF.Sassy.Madison: The heiress rich bitch. She was so uber evil it was hilarious.evil incarnate.Gaby: Airhead.yolo.There was also this stupid love triangle that I didn't give a shit about.You know what instead of this being fiction about reality tv show stars, I wish LC had the balls to write a tell-all book about the hills/lacuna beach.Though I never watched those shows. Are you surprised? XD