True Colors - Kristin Hannah I didn't enjoy this one as much, but it was still worth the read.

This is a story about three sisters trying to stay loyal to each other, even though they all have issues with their father, and when a husband is accused and then convicted of a murder even though he was innocent. This book deals with racial prejudice in a small town.

There is some internalized body-shaming. There was some parts where I wasn't sure if this was just the character feeling ashamed of her body and therefore unlovable, because in the end she learns to be confident in her body and finds love, OR if the author was putting in her own bias of over-weight women will never find "twu wuv", which is bullshit. Seeing how the book ended for the character I believe it was just characterization done a bit too heavy on the internalized body shaming. It made me really frustrated to read this at times, therefore the four stars.