Caress and Conquer

Caress and Conquer - Connie Mason

Rating: 2.5

TW: This book is chock full of rape. It seems the author used rape as a device when things got too boring.

Disclaimer: Snark and gifs.


I don't get it when the heroine falls in love with her rapist. I can understand the twisted love-hate relationship when it's incest or spousal rape, but falling in love with stranger who raped you, who you get to know seems really fucked up. I can't wrap my head around it. DAFUQ.

The hero was such an entitled idiot. The one time where she is gang raped by natives, he was like why can't you let me make love to you, and she was all traumatized and was like I can't right now. After a month of no sexxors, he was complaining about blue balls and how HE was suffering. All the house slaves were like you gotta give it to him because of that. I wanted to shoot off his balls with a shotgun. In all seriousness, he could have masturbated or taken up a mistress, which she told him to do [take up a mistress].

All the aboriginal scenes were so offensive on all levels. I almost rage!quit when I read those chapters.

Lettie was easily my fave character. She was an evil, sadistic bitch, who was cray cray. She was like evil in a cartoony way, so it cracked me up.